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What is a good example of a parental plan for a divorced father of a 9 year old boy living in a different continent?
You can pay the airline for a guardian, you have to set this up before hand but I did it with my son when he was underage several times. BA is the airline we used and they were fabulous. I had to have written permission from his dad each time, the airline requires ID for guardians at the start and end point and it has to be a direct flight so if you live outside of London (I live in Spain) you have to fly to the direct flight airport and then fly together to your home destination. We always chose UK airports so that he didn’t have a language barrier if he needed help or was scared. Stopping in London was always a treat for us, we’d see the sights and shop in big book stores and see the museums if we could. Before that, the first summer I lived away from him (and this wasn’t my choice it was his dad’s behavior that caused the move to get as far away as possible) I spent the summer with him at my parents house in Ohio so I went back to spend time with him in a neutral place. Ideally you should have a decent enough relationship with mom to be able to be in the same place for a week to 3 months but I didn’t have that.After that I flew home to pick him up and fly to Spain with him, it’s like four times the price but it was worth it to me because I worried about if he would be stressed. On one trip I was only in the US for four hours, on another I was there for 3 days (dropping him back off to his dad) I didn’t even book a hotel that time, because I was going to multiple airports and spent less than a day between each (I can sleep anywhere!)My parents divorced when I was four and my sister and I flew 3 to four hours (nationaly in the US) each way with only child friendly stewardesses and pilots each way, no guardians checking who brought us or picked us up. The number of times I’ve gotten wings or gotten to sit in the cockpit with the pilots I can’t count but that’s not the way it is now. We were polite and we did have each other to lean on if we got scared, that’s not the case with an only child or single child traveling.When he is old enough and mature enough to fly to see you, schedual enough time to take him to see the sights of London. My son still thinks it is the coolest city on earth!
As a minor, can I go to the emergency room without my parents finding out?
In the USA, Federal law takes precedence over any state or local laws. So despite state law(California) indicating that except for mental health, birth control, pregnancy, STI’s, and drug use problems, minors(except emancipated minors) must have parental permission to be seen. A minor coming to the ER will be seen, but the parents will be called unless the problem is from the aforementioned list. If the parents can’t be contacted, they will still be seen or at least have their emergency stabilized. A couple of interesting cases. A neighbor’s 16 year old daughter arrived by ambulance for a problem related to her first attempt to smoke pot. We took care of her, I gave her a ride home at the end of the shift, and when I saw her dad the next day, I said nothing. Two weeks later the ambulance bill arrived. Now he knew. Another time we had a 17 year old girl in active labor after a full term pregnancy. Her parents never knew. (she weighed about 120 pounds-amazing what baggy sweat clothes can cover). Her parents had left her alone for a four day weekend. She had the baby, turned it over to be adopted, and I don’t think her parents ever figured it out (she was on Medicaid, so there was no bill).
Can a minor travel to a different country without their parents?
In the U.K. you're counted as a minor if you are 15 or younger. Anyone between 5 and 15 can fly (I assume this is on an airplane) by themselves but below 5 would have to be with someone 16 or older. The term for this is “unaccompanied minor”However, it can differ depending on where you're flying from. A few years ago 2 of my brothers were flying to New York to London. One was 16 and one was 12. We thought they would be fine because my older brother was 16 but there were security issues and they had to pay $50 each and fill out a load of forms (my nan had to give consent for them to fly and she paid as none of them would carry that much money to an airport). When they managed to get on the plane they were seated in a “kids area” with about 10–20 other unaccompanied minors.I think with most countries the cut off age for a minor would be 16–17 but yes- they would be able to travel alone as long as they weren't below 5–7.• -- .-
Can a minor travel to Dubai alone without his/her parents?
Yes a minor can travel to Dubai alone along with his/her passport and visa. You should talk to the airlines when you confirm the booking and inform them that he or she travels alone. I am sure they will take care of the minor during the flight and hand over the appropriate person at the port of disembarkation (Dubai). The minor will taken care of by the cabin crew.
Why do I have an account on Quora if I never signed up?
I’ve noticed that a lot of people have asked this question in various ways and, through research and experience, I’ve found out why.Quora API can find your profile details from your existing accounts like Google, Facebook and/or other places and automatically make you an account on Quora without you ever consenting to it or realizing it.When you finally ‘join• Quora officially, you log in to an account that was probably made ages before you even actually joined.It is likely that you searched up something on a search engine that associated to Quora somehow and you logged in with one of your social media accounts, generally speaking, Facebook.Many of Quora’s website traffic is from people searching things on the internet and to find answers, looked in Quora.To disconnect social media accounts that have connected, you can go to Your profile picture Settings from the drop down menu Account from the side menu and scroll down to see Connected Accounts. Disconnect all or some as desired and done! Those accounts now have no connection to Quora whatsoever.You can also completely delete your Quora account : Your profile picture Settings Privacy Delete Account.
Is 16 too young to travel domestically with friends without parents?
My wife traveled at age 16 with another 16 year old girl to Europe, by themselves. However she still states that her Parents were Crazy for letting her do that.I as a teenager, and our sons certainly traveled to lots of interesting domestic locations with friends• Families. They had adult supervision.But for today: Where can two or three sixteen year olds go on their own and be safe and not hassled?Certainly, your 16 year old could visit another 16 year old friend hundreds or thousands of miles away, stay with that friend’s family and the two of them could take a lot of Day trips from that site.But to, say, let two or three sixteen year old teenagers fly from Boston to Chicago and spend two nights in a hotel in Chicago and……………• do what????Time to be a Parent and not a buddy.
How can I get more parents to fill out my survey?
It sounds like you are working off of a list survey or google form survey. If this is the case, a simple thing to get parents is to ask your own. Funny enough parents normally know parents and having your parents share your survey with their friends or thru social media will help you build a network of parents.Another good way to get more parents is by joining parenting groups and asking for parents feedback. Make sure to include what the survey is about and what their opinions may impact. Most of the time when you state how giving an opinion in a survey may impact people are more willing to participate.If you are using a panel survey, it’s a simple click of a button to sort your demographics. Or you can always ask a pre qualification question.
Have you ever sent your kids as an unaccompanied minor on long haul flights? How has been your child's experience of traveling long distance without parents?
I flew alone as a kid starting at the age of 4 years old. I also had my son fly unaccompanied several times on international flights. The difference between then and now is amazing. Back then your parents or grandparents could walk you to the gate or meet you there on arrival, we had stewardesses actively giving us special attention, giving us coloring books and special packs of games, we got to visit the pilots too and given a set of wings and made honorary members of the flight crew. Back then planes were smaller and it was pretty rare to see a child on a flight to begin with, much less a cute little 4 year old on her own! The reason why I flew on my own (and those first couple of years my 1 year older sister and I flew together) was because my parents had divorced and mom had moved us to Ohio, my dad lived in California. I was rarely sat next to men, usually I was sat next to older ladies who didn’t mind having a shy little girl sitting next to them, I don’t know if this was done on purpose or at the request of the passengers!When my son was 15 to 17 he flew from Virginia to Spain and back. The regulations now is that prior to the flight you must book them as an unaccompanied minor, give the contact information of the guardians dropping off and picking them up plus a back up person in case of problems. With BA, the flight must be direct, Í would meet him at Heathrow in the UK and fly back to Spain together, then reverse the situation on the way back. BA were great they even had a special play room where you dropped the child off and did all the paperwork and they got to meet the other kids on the flight. Then someone from that office would take them to the gate and get them onto the flight. He was old enough and experienced enough in flying that he never had any problems.Even though it seems costly, it was much better than me flying all the way over to the states and turning straight around to fly back with him which I had been doing prior to him turning 15. Back then I had to book 3 tickets one for him and two for me and usually they were over 800 euros for each ticket. Even though we had to buy 3 tickets plus the unaccompanied minor ticket, it was usually a better price because flights are cheap between the UK and Spain where we live. And we also would be able to book a couple of days sightseeing in London or Madrid on the way back.
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