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Why is a consent letter required for Italian minors under 14?

Because of their age. In Italy a minor under the age of 14 has a different status from a minor between 14 and 17. These older minors are considered to have some agency,, although not the full agency of an adult. This changes a number of things in their status. They have a full ID card, instead of a childs one, they cant drive a car, but starting from 14 they can get a driving licence for a moped and, later, for a small bike, they cant buy alcohol but they can drink it as long as they are in the company of an adult and either during a meal or in a convivial situation, they can have sex with an agemate, they have the right to be informed in full of their health conditions and to take part to the decisions about it, if their parents divorce they have a saying in deciding whether they want to live with one or the other, if they commit a crime they will go through a trial, but they will not be sent to jail, rather to a special facility for minors, and if they travel they are old enough to also decide if they want or not to travel with a parent to whatever destination, or to refuse to go and tell the police they are being kidnapped. Its part of the process that makes them responsible for themselves.

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